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Employment Information

  • Employees generally work Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:15 pm, with a 45 minute lunch break. We try not to work more then 80 hours every two weeks. Due to the nature of the job some days may be slightly over or under eight hours.
  • Employees meet daily at a predetermined meeting location at 7:30 am. We then travel to the job site for an 8:00 am start.
  • Our work season generally runs from late-February to mid-December. Given the seasonal nature of our operation, employees can be laid off in December.
  • Safety is very important: instruction will be given and we have to be sure you are capable of working independently. The basics of the job are fairly simple and easy to learn.
  • All equipment except rain gear will be provided.
  • Ace Window Cleaners offers an extended medical and dental plan with Green Shields Canada for employees in their second year (if those employees already have their own extended medical coverage, Ace will deposit the equivalent amount into an RSP for the employee).
  • Cell phone allowance of $50 per month.
  • Teamwork and trust are very important. We have to feel safe working with each other.
  • Ace Window Cleaners does not subcontract.

Work Safety Program

The Work Safety Program at Ace Window Cleaners is centered on our information booklet. The booklet contains safety regulations, equipment specifications and training procedures.

  • New employees with no previous experience are given this booklet and then go through our training procedures as outlined.
  • New, experienced employees are also given the information booklet and their level of experience is then verified before they are allowed to work independently.
  • The training history of each employee is documented.
  • Weekly safety meetings keep working safely at the forefront of everyone's mind.

If you're interested in employment at Ace Window Cleaners, please contact us.


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